Top 5 Restaurant Picks near UBC

Dining options on Vancouver’s West Side are as varied as they are delicious. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite on campus or a more formal dinner on the other side of Blanca Street, stunning UBC has options to suit every appetite. After all, UBC’s not just for students: there’s a thriving community here too.


If you’re too hungry to make a decision—hey, we’ve all been there— and need some help narrowing down your mealtime prospects, here are our top five restaurant picks near UBC.



6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver, BC

Sage may be located on the UBC campus, but the cuisine is nothing like what you’ll find at the dining hall. Instead, Sage offers Ocean Wise certified fish and seafood alongside other local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Of course, the food is delicious, but so is the view: the north-facing windows allow for stunning panoramas of the mountains and water. This is primarily a weekday lunch-time destination, but if you’re lucky enough to be an invited guest at a private nighttime function, enjoy!


Rice Burger

2630 Sasamat Street, Vancouver, BC

Feeling a little more casual? Grab a bite at Rice Burger, just off UBC near 10th and Sasamat. Their signature burgers are a take on a Japanese alternative to traditional hamburgers, with hand-pressed rice buns encasing your choice of meat. You’re certainly not going to find a chicken katsu burger at McDonald’s! Make sure to save room for popcorn chicken!


La Quercia and L’ufficio

3689 and 3687 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

If you’re craving authentic Italian, La Quercia and sister restaurant L’ufficio have you covered. The restaurants share a kitchen, but while La Quercia offers a more traditional dining experience (reservations highly recommended), L’ufficio is a more casual wine bar and trattoria. Whichever cozy room you end up in, though, you’re practically guaranteed a lovely evening. More proof that you don’t have to go downtown to enjoy fresh pasta, a well-curated wine list, and excellent service!


Four Olives

4510 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

The West Side is blessed with a wealth of Mediterranean dining options, but Four Olives is a relatively new player on the scene. Here, you’ll find modern Greek fusion, with traditional dishes like chicken souvlaki accompanied by a not-so-traditional (but delicious) dill and cranberry rice pilaf. Looking for a slightly nicer option for family dinner? Four Olives should fit the bill.



3322 Shrum Lane, Vancouver, BC

If you’re craving the comforts of home, Doughgirls should hit the spot. Their delicious house-made preserves are made from fruit sourced from the nearby UBC Farm, and their bread is baked fresh daily. Grab a baguette and head to the park—there, that’s lunch handled.